EST-1966 by CHANTAL KEIZER brings a series of luxurious wallpaper, fabrics, cushions in several sizes & kitchen textiles.

Detailed designs, inspired by the richness of nature.

When I was 6 years old, I got I square meter in the garden of my grandmother. From that moment my love for nature started to grow.

EST-1966 is a life archive of plants from all over the world that forms the basis of the collection. Flowers and leaves, in a great set of
compositions processed with all seasons.

She zooms at macro level into nature and creates the most unique colors and patterns.

The Dutch tulip collection is designed with Tulips from the Netherlands. Our hand painted water colour designs mix nice with the other designs

In our latest collection we use violets in blue and white.

Nature is the perfect example of finding perfections in imperfections.

EST-1966 Brings nature back in your home.